Many people are held captive as prisoners in the Cube franchise. Here are a list of them.

Cube (1997)Edit

Name Occupation Gender Prison Connection Played by Status
Kazan Autistic Savant Male Kazan Prison (Russia) Andrew Miller Alive after exiting the Cube
David Worth Architect Male Leavenworth Prison (U.S.A.) David Hewlett Deceased
Quentin Police officer Male San Quentin State Prison (U.S.A.) Maurice Dean Wint Implied deceased, critically injured
Joan Leaven Mathematics Student Female Leavenworth Prison (U.S.A.) Nicole de Boer Deceased
Dr. Helen Holloway Free Clinic Doctor Female Holloway Women's Prison (U.K.) Nicky Guadagni Deceased
Rennes Prison escapist Male Centre pénitentiaire de Rennes (France) Wayne Robson Deceased
Alderson Unknown Male Alderson Federal Prison Camp (U.S.A.) Julian Richings Deceased

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)Edit

Name Occupation Gender Played by Status
Kate Filmore Psychotherapist/Soldier Female Kari Matchett Dead after exiting the Cube
Simon Grady Private Detective Male Geraint Wyn Davies Deceased
Alexandra "Sasha" Trusk Computer Hacker Female Grace Lynn Kung Deceased
Rebecca "Becky" Young IZON Technician Female Greer Kent Deceased
Julia Attorney Female Lindsey Connell Deceased
Max Reisler Computer Game Designer Male Matthew Ferguson Deceased
Mrs. Paley Retired Theoretical Mathematician Female Barbara Gordon Deceased
Jerry Whitehall Engineer Male Neil Crone Deceased
Col. Thomas H. Maguire Colonel Male Bruce Gray Deceased
Dr. Phil Rosenzweig Scientist/Author (Nobel Prize Nominee) Male Andrew Scorer Deceased

Cube: Zero (2004)Edit

Name Occupation Gender Played by Status
Eric Wynn Junior Cube Technician Male Zachary Bennett Alive after exiting the Cube and being placed again
Dodd Senior Cube Technician Male David Huband Deceased
Owen Senior Cube Technician Male Tony Munch Deceased
Chickliss Junior Cube Technician Male N/A Deceased
Cassandra Rains Political Protester Female Stephanie Moore Alive after exiting the Cube
Jax Senior Cube Supervisor Male Michael Riley Alive being a supervisor of the Cube
Robert P. Haskell Soldier Male Martin Roach Deceased
Meyerhold Unknown Male Mike "Nug" Nahrgang Deceased
Jellico Unknown Female Terri Hawkes Deceased
Bartok Unknown Male Richard McMillan Deceased
Ryjkin Unknown Male Jasmin Geljo Deceased
Chandler Unknown Female Sandi Ross Unknown
Smith Unknown Male Dino Bellisario Unknown
McCaw Unknown Female Ashley James Unknown