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Cube {1997}[]

Name Occupation Gender Prison Connection Played by Status Fate
Kazan 3
Autistic Savant Male Kazan Prison (Russia) Andrew Miller Escaped, Presumed Alive Escaped; Unknown
Worth 3
David Worth
Architect Male Leavenworth Prison (U.S.A.) David Hewlett Presumed Deceased. Stabbed by Quentin using a broken door handle, shown to be bleeding out after preventing Quentin from escaping.
Police Officer Male San Quentin State Prison (U.S.A.) Maurice Dean Wint Deceased Leg grabbed by Worth and subsequently torn in half by the Cube realigning.
Mathematics Student Female Leavenworth Prison (U.S.A.) Nicole de Boer Deceased Impaled through the back by Quentin using a broken door handle.
Dr. Helen Holloway
Free Clinic Doctor Female Holloway Women's Prison (U.K.) Nicky Guadagni Deceased Dropped into chasm by Quentin
Prison Escapist Male Centre pénitentiaire de Rennes (France) Wayne Robson Deceased Face melted by Acid Trap
Alderson Character Image
Unknown Male Alderson Federal Prison Camp (U.S.A.) Julian Richings Deceased Sliced into chunks

of flesh by Slice and Dice Mesh Trap

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)[]

Name Occupation Gender Played by Status Fate
Kate Filmore
Psychotherapist/Soldier Female Kari Matchett Escaped Deceased Shot in the back of the head by a guard after escaping (original)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from the walls (illusion)

Simon Grady
Private Detective Male Geraint Wyn Davies Deceased Eye impaled with knife by Kate, rapidly aged, pounced, groin impaled with knife, head punched/neck snapped by Kate (original)

Decapitated by crystal columns protruding from the walls (illusion)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Alexandra "Sasha" Trusk
Computer Hacker Female Grace Lynn Kung Deceased Neck snapped by Simon (original)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Rebecca "Becky" Young IZON Technician Female Greer Kent Deceased Possibly died in Death Trap (original)

Killed by Simon (possibly original or illusion)

Julia Attorney Female Lindsey Connell Deceased Decayed from rapid ageing whilst having sex with Max (original)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Max Reisler
Computer Game Designer Male Matthew Ferguson Deceased Decayed from rapid ageing whilst having sex with Julia (original)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Mrs. Paley Retired Theoretical Mathematician Female Barbara Gordon Deceased Stomach impaled twice with knife, killed by crystal columns protruding from walls (original)

Back impaled with knife by Simon (illusion)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Jerry Whitehall
Engineer Male Neil Crone Deceased Slashed to pieces by Tesseract Trap (original)

Impaled with knife by Simon (two illusions)

Starved to death or dehydrated (illusion)

Col. Thomas H. Maguire Colonel Male Bruce Gray Deceased Rapidly aged to death by Ghost Wall Trap (original)

Hung from ladder in belt noose (various illusions)

Dr. Phil Rosenzweig Scientist/Author (Nobel Prize Nominee) Male Andrew Scorer Deceased Died possibly from dehydration

Cube: Zero (2004)[]

Name Occupation Gender Played By Status Fate
Eric Wynn
Eric Wynn
Junior Cube Technician Male Zachary Bennett Imprisoned Alive Brain altered and left to be imprisoned in the Cube. Final fate unknown
Dodd 1
Senior Cube Technician Male David Huband Deceased Stomach cut open with amputation knife by Jax
Owen 1
Senior Cube Technician Male Tony Munch Deceased Burned alive by Flamethrower Trap activated by Dodd
Chickliss 2
Junior Cube Technician Male N/A (prop) Deceased Unknown (found dead, possibly starvation or incineration.)
Rains 1
Cassandra Rains
Political Protester Female Stephanie Moore Escaped Alive Last seen escaping in the woods from Cube Soldiers
Jax 1
Senior Cube Supervisor Male Michael Riley Alive Went back to working for 'the guys upstairs'
Haskell 2
Robert P. Haskell
Soldier Male Martin Roach Deceased Fell to his death due to the activation of his sleeper agent chip, then afterwards Impaled and finally Incinerated during Clean Sweep
Meyerhold 2
Unknown Male Mike "Nug" Nahrgang Deceased Arm infected with flesh-eating bacteria, body imploded by Sound Trap
Jellico Unknown Female Terri Hawkes Deceased Foot impaled by Flesh-Eating Bacteria Trap and accidentally broke her neck after being pushed by Meyerhold
Bartok 2
Unknown Male Richard McMillan Deceased Cut to pieces by Razor Wire Trap
Unknown Male Jasmin Geljo Deceased Melted by Strong Acid Trap
Chandler Unknown Female Sandi Ross Alive imprisoned Unknown (last seen inside Cube)
Smith Unknown Male Dino Bellisario Alive imprisoned Unknown (last seen inside Cube)
McCaw Unknown Female Ashley James Alive imprisoned Unknown (last seen inside Cube)
Unknown Unknown N/A Deceased Deceased. Assumingly incinerated, but unkown due to clothing still existing. Possible starvation.

Cube (2021)[]

Name Occupation Gender Played By Status Fate
Asako Kai (Cube 2021)
Asako Kai
Group Employee Female Anne Watanabe Alive After leading Chio Uno to the exit, she returned to lead another group of people to the exit
Chio Uno
Chio Uno
Middle School Student Male Hikaru Tashiro Presumed Escaped/Alive. Lead by Asako to the Exit, Chio is presumed alive, as they are shown walking away, presumably out of the Cube.
Kazumasa Ando Cube (2021)
Kazumasa Ando
Company Executive Male Kôtarô Yoshida Deceased Head crushed by Shinji Ochi using one of the doors on the cube floor during a mental snap.
Shinji Ochi Cube (2021)
Shinji Ochi
Freeter (NEET) Male Masaki Okada Deceased Killed by the Roots Trap during an attempt to kill Goto.
Yuichi Goto Cube (2021)
Yuichi Goto
Engineer Male Masaki Suda Presumed Alive Last seen in the Roots trap, he is found at the end of the movie randomly dropping out of the ceiling of a cube into another room covered in wounds. As to how he got there is unknown, but he is shown to be barely alive. He gets up and the movie ends, leaving his fate unknown.
Hiroshi Ide Cube (2021)
Hiroshi Ide
Mechanic Male Takumi Saitoh Deceased Fatally shot presumably through the heart by the Laser trap after saving Goto and Chio.
First Man Cube (2021)
First Man
Mathematician Male Tokio Emoto Deceased Impaled by the Cubical-Pillars Trap