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Cubical-Shaped Pilars trap are one of the traps in Cube (2021)

How Does It Work[]

When the victim enters the room.. the motion sensor determines the location of the victim in the room.. and then, a bright yellow light is shown to distract the victim from moving, which then depending on where the victim stays, cubical-shaped pillars come out of the walls, piercing everything in their path


Cube (2021)[]

A man without a name enters the blue room.. but before checking the serial numbers.. then he nervously moves, thought the room, and then nervously inspects the room and enters the next room, repeating the same procedure.. he nervously approaches the next room, but then he notices a yellow light inside the wall.. so he realizes that his method doesn't work and he just accepts his fate and then he is killed by Cubical-Shaped Pillars coming out of the wall