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"We're both part of the system. I draw a box, You walk a beat." - Worth when discussing goverment ideologies with Holloway

Character Summary[]

David Worth is a character in Cube played by David Hewlett.

Worth was a chronic malcontent and cynic who unwittingly designed the outer shell of the cube. He was uninterested in escaping, believing he deserved to die for helping the Cube be created and having nothing to live for. He had no memory of how he ended up in the Cube, claiming that "I just woke up here."

Despite almost escaping with Kazan and Leaven, Quentin showed up and killed Leaven and injured Worth, who sacrificed himself by becoming trapped in the Cube and appearing to bleed to death after, assumingly, killing Quentin so Kazan could escape.

Plot Synopsis[]

Worth, portrayed by David Hewlett, is one of the central characters in Cube (1997). He wakes up in the cube alongside several strangers with no recollection of how he arrived. Initially, Worth appears detached, cynical, and resigned to his fate, offering little help to the group as they attempt to navigate the deadly maze of interconnected rooms.

As the group struggles to understand their surroundings, it is revealed that Worth has a unique connection to the cube: he was one of the architects responsible for designing its outer shell. This revelation comes after he admits his involvement to the group, explaining that he knew nothing about the cube's true purpose or the deadly traps within. His confession adds a layer of guilt and responsibility, which influences his behavior throughout the film.

Despite his initial aloofness, Worth's knowledge about the cube's structure eventually proves invaluable. He understands the physical dimensions and the layout, helping the group make sense of their entrapment. His insights into the cube's design complement Leaven's mathematical skills, allowing them to piece together how the rooms move and how to potentially find an exit.

As the journey progresses, Worth's character undergoes significant development. He begins to care more about the group's survival and becomes a more active participant in their escape efforts. He forms a particular bond with Leaven, whose intelligence and determination inspire him to take a more hopeful and proactive stance.

The climax of the movie sees Worth, Leaven, and Kazan nearing the exit. However, Quentin, whose behavior has become increasingly erratic and violent, returns for a final confrontation. In a tragic turn of events, Quentin kills Leaven, and Worth is mortally wounded. Despite his injuries, Worth finds the strength to hold Quentin back long enough for Kazan to escape through the exit.

Worth's final moments are marked by a sense of redemption. He sacrifices himself to ensure that at least one member of the group can escape the cube, highlighting his transformation from a dispassionate observer to a selfless hero. His death underscores the film's exploration of human nature, guilt, and the capacity for change even in the face of overwhelming adversity.