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Kate Filmore is a character in Cube 2: Hypercube played by Kari Matchett. Kate is the main character and the only survivor (of the cube) from the 9 people inside the Cube. She's potrayed as the most empathetic of all the survivors, always defending others (exception being Simon Grady).

Background & Connection with Izon[]

While questioning others about their last memories before the kidnapping, Kate reveals she's a psychotherapist and was heading home from the hospital before her blackout. In the last scene of the film, Kate is revealed to be in connection with Izon, as she calls The General "Sir" and hands him the device she took from Sasha (Alex Trusk). Either Kate is a true agent working for Izon and lied the whole time about being a psychotherapist, or she really was kidnapped and forced for the job of going in the Cube, finding Alex Trusk, taking the small device from her and bringing it back, with possible mind alteration/brain surgery. Kate is excecuted and shot in the head from point blank range by an Izon Soldier after handing over the device, most likely due to her extensive knowledge about the confidential and top secret project. Her body is left in the hangar, right where she died, as Izon operatives walk out, ending the movie.