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Laser Gun Trap is one of the traps from Cube (2021) Japanese Remake

How Does It Work[]

when the victim enters the room, it instantly turns the lights off, and then the room scans where the victim is located, afterwards 2 sets of red lights point at the victim, and after 2-3 seconds. The Laser shoots at them, piercing the victims, killing them


While Chio Uno was checking the serial numbers, a cube had moved, causing the room to shake, and causing Chio Uno to fall into the room. once Chio Uno hit the ground the room instantly loses its light, accept the corners of the cube. Then a scanner comes from the wall, and scans Chio Uno to detect where he is. Then two red lasers point at Chio Unos left and right upper chest. At the last second, Yuichi Goto pushes Chio Uno, saving him from the laser Gun. But the room scans them again, pointing the two red lights at Yuichi Goto,, but Chio Uno pushes him out of the way, they get scanned again. But this time the laser point at Chio Uno so Yuichi Goto's holds onto Chio Uno as the lasers point at his back, but then they both get pulled by Hiroshi Ide, saving them. They rush to bring Chio Uno up to the safe room, once Chio Uno is up. The two red lights point at Yuichi Goto's back, but Hiroshi Ide pushes Yuichi Goto from the laser, saving him. Yuichi Goto climbs into the room, and accidentally kicking Hiroshi Ide, causing him to fall down. Hiroshi Ide Puts his hand out to Yuichi Goto, and Yuichi Goto put his hand out too, but it is too late, as the laser shoots Hiroshi Ide's Wrist and chest, cutting his hand off and killing him.