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"There is nothing else! My parents are these people, I live with them, I'm boring!" ~ Leaven when being polled about herself.

Character Summary[]

Leaven is a main character in Cube (1997), portrayed by Nicole de Boer. She is a 17-year-old advanced mathematics student whose intelligence and analytical skills are vital to the group's survival. Waking up in the cube with no memory of how she got there, Leaven quickly becomes essential for deciphering the numeric codes on the doors, which indicate the presence of deadly traps.

Plot Synopsis[]

Leaven, a 17-year-old advanced mathematics student, finds herself in a mysterious, cube-shaped room with no memory of how she got there. She quickly discovers she is not alone. The cube consists of interconnected rooms, some of which are lethally booby-trapped.

Leaven meets other strangers trapped in the cube: Quentin, a police officer; Worth, an architect; Holloway, a doctor; Rennes, an escape artist; and Kazan, an autistic savant. The group soon realizes that to survive, they must work together to navigate the cube and avoid its deadly traps.

Leaven’s mathematical expertise becomes apparent as she starts to decipher the numbers inscribed on the doors of each room. She figures out that rooms with prime numbers are likely trapped. This discovery saves the group from numerous deadly encounters, establishing Leaven as a crucial member of the team.

As the group progresses, tensions rise, particularly between Quentin and Worth. Quentin’s initially calm demeanor begins to unravel, and his authoritarian tendencies clash with the more logical and cautious approaches of Leaven and Worth. Leaven tries to mediate and keep the group focused on survival, but the stress of their situation exacerbates their conflicts.

Leaven further deciphers the numbers, realizing they are coordinates within the cube. This revelation helps the group understand their position within the structure and gives them a sense of direction. However, the moving rooms complicate their efforts, as the cube's layout continually shifts, adding another layer of complexity to their escape attempts.

Kazan, who initially seems like a burden due to his autism, turns out to be a crucial asset. He possesses a unique ability to perform complex mathematical calculations instantly, which Leaven uses to her advantage. With Kazan’s help, Leaven deciphers even more complicated numerical patterns, bringing the group closer to finding an exit.

As the group gets nearer to escaping, Quentin's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and violent. He becomes obsessed with controlling the group and starts to see Leaven and others as obstacles rather than allies. The conflict between Quentin and the rest of the group reaches a boiling point, with Leaven often at the center due to her crucial role in solving the cube’s puzzles.

Leaven, Kazan, and Worth finally piece together the last clues that lead them to the edge of the cube, where an exit appears possible. Just as they are about to escape, Quentin reappears, driven by paranoia and rage. In a final tragic confrontation, Quentin kills Leaven, impaling her with a door rod, mere moments before they could reach safety.

Leaven’s journey in the cube showcases her intelligence, determination, and bravery. Her mathematical skills and logical thinking were pivotal in navigating the deadly maze. Despite her tragic end, Leaven’s contributions were key to bringing the group closer to freedom. Her character highlights the themes of intellect versus brute force, and the human capacity to remain focused and altruistic even in the most dire circumstances.