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Meyerhold is a minor character in Cube Zero.

He is portrayed by Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang.

Nothing is known about the life of Meyerhold before the Cube.

When Eric Wynn enters the cube, Jax ordered Dodd to start infecting the group with deadly bacteria. Soon another member of the main group, Jellico, separates and is infected with the said bacteria. The group finds Jellico in a very infected state and she scratches Meyerhold, who fearfully throws her away and causes her head to smash into a corner, killing her.

Meanwhile Meyerhold shows signs of the same disease that Jellico had. After begging the group not to leave, Haskell decides he can stay if he is used to personally test which rooms are trapped from then on. But after Meyerhold looks at a room below with two sets of clothing and various blood spatters, Haskell pushes him down and he falls with the door closing behind him.

When he is inside the room, the room shuts down and begins to emit sound energy causing Meyerhold to grab his head in pain and start screaming.

Within seconds, Meyerhold's body explodes violently.


Meyerhold Death