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Owen is a character in Cube Zero

Owen was a senior Cube technician who was put in The Cube for doing something wrong... we don't know what exactly he did to get into The Cube

Owen knows how the cube works so he was able to find his way out and avoid the traps without using his boots to find traps (However seems like he used 2 of them before), he also seems to be really good at math because if he wasn't good at math, he would not find a way out. He also seems to be really good at strategy, because if he wasn't a good strategist, he wouldn't have found a strategy to avoid the traps withouth using shoes and find his way out. Besides being a genius locked in a cube. When he was found at the exit and put to the test, he said he didn't believe in God, so he was set on fire because he failed the test.

We Don't know much about this character so we can't say much about him.