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Vassily Ryjkin is a minor character in Cube Zero who is played by Jasmin Geljo

Ryjkin's death is very similar to Rennes' death, both dying in similar ways of acidic like substances.

Rykjin's Death (Cube Zero, 2004)

In this opening scene Ryjkin is shown wandering around the cube, checking into rooms and trying to figure out where he is.

Eventually Ryjkin enters a room where he gets sprayed with a liquid.

Ryjkin mistakes the liquid for water and begins licking and sucking at it, desperate for hydration and sustenance.

Eventually, he realizes that something is sticky on his hands. The substance will not remove, and he quickly comes to grips with the fact it is not water. He begins to panic, trying to scrape it off and it becomes clear it is melting his flesh away. He screams, pulling at the flesh in an attempt to remove the substance.

Unfortunately, he is too late and the substance melts through completely, crumbling his body into a liquid like goop.