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The Starting Room is named so in this wiki because it's the room in Cube (1997) that five of the characters meet together in at the beginning of the movie, and that Worth woke up in.


The numbers shown before entering the room are 206 and 911 which have a number of prime factors of 2 and 1 respectively and would add up to 8 and 11.

Kazan says the room has numbers of prime factors of 4, 2, 3.

Leaven says the room has a position of 14, 26, 14. The only numbers between 0 and 999 that add up to 26 are 899, 989, and 998.

If Kazan and Leaven are right then the first number is 770 since 770 is the only number with 4 prime factors and has digits adding up to 14.[1][2] The second number could be 899, 989 or 998 since they all have 2 prime factors. The third number could be 266, 374, 455, 518, 572, 590, 644, 680, 806, 860, or 950.[3][4]


Anderson may or may not have been in the Starting Room.

First Encounter[]

Worth is asleep on the floor as Quentin climbs in from below. Quentin looks into an orange room. Worth wakes up. Holloway comes in and is thrown by Quentin inside, before Quentin apologizes. Cries of help are heard from Leaven in a neighboring orange room. Quentin brings her in. Leaven stumbles and breaks a piece off her glasses. Rennes appears from the top door. Quentin explains there are traps. Rennes takes off a boot and checks a neighboring blue room for traps. It has The Flamethrower Trap and it burns the boot. They discuss where they were before waking up in the cube. Rennes tests a red room which is found to be safe. The red room then connects to a green room. Their numbers are 476, 804, 539 and 566, 472, 737 respectively.

Second Encounter[]

Leaven and Worth come to the space where the room would appear from and orange room. They open the door to reveal an empty column of space. The ground rumbles and the starting room comes down. They reopen the door to see the white room and have Kazan try to give them the number of prime factors of the room. Leaven and Worth go into the room but Kazan tarries behind in the orange room and the starting room moves up. The starting room now opens up to a blue room. Worth goes back for Kazan. The orange room is beneath a green room. While Worth is getting Kazan, Leaven steps on a shard of glass that broke from her glasses earlier, making her realize it was the Starting Room. Leaven then checks the numbers and realizes the coordinates are 14, 26, 14 which means it will align with the bridge room. She Worth to hurry up because of this. Once Worth and Kazan return to the room, it moves downward over 8 rooms.

When the room stops, Leaven opens the door to the bridge space to see it not there. She closes the door. She tells Worth that this room was the Starting Room and jokes that she was right about how they never should've left it. The bridge room arrives. Kazan checks it's prime factors and they enter the bridge room. Later Quentin must've passed through the room to get to the bridge.