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Strip Saw Trap is one of the traps in Japanese Cube Remake

How Does It Work[]

When the victim enters the room, and makes any noises, a huge strip saw appear from the wall in front of victim, moving towards the victim at high speed, cutting the victim into at least 5 pieces.


Strip Saw Trap in Action Sended By Cat

Strip Saw Trap In Action

When the group tried to find a way out of The Cube, they find out that all the rooms around them have trap in them, according to Yuichi Goto's calculation, but Kazumasa Ando wanted Yuichi Goto to recalculate everything, he do what Kazumasa Ando says but still find out that all the rooms around them got a trap. Kazumasa Ando shouts in rage and as a result the trap is activated and huge Strip Saw moves at them with high speed. Then Hiroshi Ide decides to check if this is sound activating trap, so he makes sounds by his throat, making them louder every second. The trap is activated again. Then Hiroshi Ide says that they will probably be able to cross this room. Kazumasa Ando don't think it's a good idea, but they have no other opinion, so they tried to walk past the room without making any sounds, and then when it's was Kazumasa Ando turn to cross the room, he accidentally dropped his boot, so the trap activated Kazumasa Ando. escaped, but his leg was injured during the escape