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Vincenzo Natali's IMDB Photo.

Early life and education[]

Natali was born in Detroit, to a nursery school teacher/painter mother and a photographer father. He is of Italian and English descent. He moved to Toronto, along with his family, at the age of one. During his time at Royal St. George's College, Natali befriended British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett, who has appeared in the majority of films that Natali has directed. Natali also attended the film programme at Ryerson University. He was eventually hired as a storyboard artist at the Nelvana Animation Studios. His cinematic influences included Samuel Beckett, David Cronenberg, and Terry Gilliam.


Natali's directing debut came in 1997, when he directed Cube which he also co-wrote. The film became a success worldwide, especially in Japan and France, grossing $15 million in the latter country, and breaking box office records for a Canadian film. At the 19th Genie Awards, the film received five nominations, and also won the award for Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival. After this success, Natali went on to direct Cypher (2002) and Nothing (2003).

Following the June 2010 release of Splice (2009), Natali's next efforts were expected to be an adaptation of J. G. Ballard's 1975 novel High Rise and a 3D adaptation of the Len Wein/Berni Wrightson comic book character Swamp Thing, for producer Joel Silver. A May 2010 item in The Hollywood Reporter, however, announced that Natali was to replace Joseph Kahn as director of the highly anticipated adaptation of cyberpunk author William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer.

Natali was nominated for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards under the category "Best Director" presented by Cadaver Lab for his work Splice. In 2013 his series Darknet, an adaptation of the Japanese series Tori Hada, began airing on Super Channel in Canada. In 2014, he directed the episodes "Su-zakana" and "Naka-choko" of the second season of the crime drama series Hannibal and in 2015 the episodes "Antipasto", "Primavera" and "Secondo" of the third season of the same TV series. in 2015, he also directed the second episode (entitled "Simon") of the first season of the American supernatural drama television series The Returned. In 2016, he directed the fourth episode ("Dissonance Theory") of the HBO series Westworld. In 2017, he directed the fifth episode ("Lemon Scented You") of the Starz series American Gods. He directed a pilot for a new Tremors TV series starring Kevin Bacon reprising his role from the 1990 film but it was not picked up by SyFy as a series.

A television adaptation of William Gibson's The Peripheral was put into development in April 2018 by Amazon, with Natali an executive producer. Natali will direct the show's pilot.

He has directed the last 2 episodes of the first season for the Locke & Key TV series, distributed by Netflix.


Feature films
Year Film Director Writer Executive


1997 Cube Yes Yes
2002 Cypher Yes
2003 Nothing Yes Yes Yes
2009 Splice Yes Yes
2011 388 Arletta Avenue Yes
2013 Haunter Yes Yes
2018 Come True Yes
2019 In the Tall Grass Yes Yes Yes
Short and mid-length films
Year Film Director Writer Executive


1996 Elevated Yes Yes Short
2005 Getting Gilliam Yes Documentary on the making of Terry Gilliam's Tideland
2006 Quartier de la Madeleine Yes Yes Segment from the anthology film Paris, je t'aime
2006 Eyes on the Road Yes Short
2014 U is for Utopia Yes Yes Segment from the anthology film ABCs of Death 2
Year Show Episode
1996 Space Cases "The Sporting Kind"
1998 PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal "Pentimento"
1998–1999 Earth: Final Conflict "Payback"

"Friendly Fire"

2013 Darknet Episode 1
2014–2015 Hannibal "Su-zakana"

"Naka-Choko" "Antipasto" "Primavera" "Secondo" "Dolce"

2014 Hemlock Grove "Gone Sis"
2014 Ascension "Chapter Two: Part 1"
2015 The Returned "Simon"
2015 Orphan Black "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow"
2015–2016 The Strain "Fallen Light"

"The Night Train" "Do or Die"

2016 Wayward Pines "City Upon a Hill"
2016 Marvel's Luke Cage "Step in the Arena"
2016–2018 Westworld "Dissonance Theory"


2017 American Gods "Lemon Scented You"
2018 Lost in Space "Eulogy"
2020 Locke & Key "Echoes"

"Crown of Shadows"

2020 The Stand "The Walk"

"The Stand"

TBA The Peripheral "Pilot"